OpenNTF continues to award high quality code contributions made to the XSnippets site. Today we are happy to announce the fifth set of winners of the contest who will each receive $100 (US).

Four snippets have been selected among all that have been submitted within the last quarter (Apr.1 to Jun.30).

The judging panel of Mark Leusink, Per Henrik Lausten and Serdar Basegmez selected the following snippets based on originality, technical value, reusability and wow factor:

- Paul S Withers, for "ListPicker dataProvider for Value Picker"
- Oliver Busse, for "Validator Bean method for EMail adresses"
- Petter Kjeilen, for "Date field (dojo) with popup to choose Day+Month+Year, Month+Year, Month or Year"
- Thimo Jansen, for "Manually fire attached event"

Congratulations all winners and many thanks to all of the contributors!

OpenNTF Treasurer Corey Davis will be contacting the winners.

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