September OpenNTF Webinar: Domino SSL Implementation and Renewal, A Survivor's Guide

Jesse Gallagher | 1 week ago | Comments
With the industry standard limiting SSL/TLS certificates to a one year expiration date, a streamlined approach is needed now more than ever to keep your sites secure. In this session Avery Shaffer will be covering tips and tricks for administrators to easily update their newly purchased SSL key across their environments through the certificate store, with an aside on those who are still on 11 and older or prefer to place the certificates on the server directly. Sections will also go over issues their team has encountered with incomplete certificate chains, errors when updating “free” certificates through the certstore, how SNI saves you on IP allocations, and a brief overview on how to install the certificate store on Domino 12 environments.

Our speaker will be Avery Shaffer, a Senior Systems Administrator at Prominic.NET.

This webinar will take place on September 21st from 11:00 AM (New York time) to 12:30 PM.

To register for this webinar, go to

Call for Nominations for OpenNTF Board Members

Paul S Withers | 2 weeks ago | Comments
It's the time of year when elections are opening for the OpenNTF board. We have four Member Director posts available this year. Those whose term is expiring are:

- Graham Acres
- Paul Withers
- Dan Dumont
- Oliver Busse

Member director posts can be filled by anyone working for an OpenNTF member company. Companies can still become a member company prior to elections. Any company wishing to become a member company should contact a board member on Discord.

The terms of the three Contributor Director posts are also expiring. Anyone with an ICLA or CCLA can apply for the post, which has a one-year term. The current incumbents are:

- Roberto Boccadoro
- Chris Bekas
- Howard Greenberg

Anyone interested in standing submit their names and a candidate statement to ip-manager at

The election schedule will be:
- Nominations open until 5pm EDT Friday 22nd September
- Voting from Monday 25th September to 5pm EDT 29th September, if more candidates than posts
- Winners take office on 2nd October

August OpenNTF Webinar: Developing Applications with XPages Jakarta EE

Jesse Gallagher | 2 months ago | Comments
The XPages Jakarta EE project adds a swath of new capabilities to Domino development. This presentation will give an overview of some of the major features and will discuss the ways you can develop applications with it. This will cover extending normal XPages applications, building REST-focused apps, new ways to develop apps with MVC and JSF, and the ways that you can mix each of these techniques as needed. This presentation will serve as a "mini" version of the upcoming webinar happening at CollabSphere 2023.

Our speaker will be Jesse Gallagher, an OpenNTF board member, HCL Ambassador, and a software developer at I Know Some Guys, LLC.

This webinar will take place on August 24th from 11:00 AM (New York time) to 12:30 PM.

To register for this webinar, go to