Our October webinar will focus on updates to DQL (Domino Query Language) and two very useful tools for developers and admins.

The Document Properties plugin that shipped with Notes 12.0.1 gave us something we all wanted for a long time: a document properties dialog that was resizeable, sortable, and searchable. But there's so much more! Julian Robichaux from panagenda created this plugin, and he will give you a whirlwind tour of the various features, functions, and install options (even on older Notes clients) -- you can even ask for new features!

The CompareDBs Reports tool, released with the 12.0.1 Domino server, has been used internally at HCL to conduct code reviews and record version differences of Domino applications. It contains tooling to produce succinct reports of differences, generate complete database synopsis, and assist in confirming translations by highlighting strings in all code. This presentation by Andre Guirard is a brief review and demo of the application’s features.

John Curtis from HCL will give us an update on Core Domino Application Development. With 12.01, core Domino gained 1) the ability to create views from data in different databases, 2) support of Formula Language within DQL and 3) means to store and retrieve document sets at sub-millisecond speed. These features, and those in 12.02 and 12.03 will be demonstrated to show the progressive set of functionality that's been delivered and presently in development to help Domino Application Developers supply increasing value to their customers.

This webinar will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2022, at 11 AM (New York Time) to 12:30 PM.

To register for this webinar, go to https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3181085477392499216

You can also access information about and recordings of all of our webinars at https://openntf.org/webinars

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