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Previous Webinars:

Date and Title
YouTube Link
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November OpenNTF Webinar - Gurupalooza!
No slides for this webinar
October OpenNTF Webinar - What we like about Domino/Notes 12, recommended new features to try

September OpenNTF Webinar: Domino Online Meeting Integration (DOMI)

August OpenNTF Webinar - Git and GitHub Explained

July OpenNTF Webinar - HCL Presents Keep, a new API for Domino

June OpenNTF Webinar - Domino V12 Certification Manager [Q&A]

May OpenNTF Webinar - Overview and Status of Popular or New Projects
Presentation not available

April OpenNTF Webinar - Domino Administration Best Practices [Q&A]

March OpenNTF Webinar: Nomad Mobile - Tips and Tricks [Q&A]

February OpenNTF Webinar: Introduction to Ansible for Newbies

January OpenNTF Webinar: 4D - Domino Docker Deep Dive [Q&A]


December OpenNTF Webinar: The Volt MX LotusScript Toolkit

November Water Cooler Talk: The Mystery of Domino on Docker - Part 1

October Webinar - XPages Flexible View Control with Michael G. Smith

September Webinar - September Webinar - What's New with Domino Query Language with John Curtis from HCL

August Webinar - Water Cooler Talks: A Look into a Developer's Workbench

July 2020 "Hear the Latest from the User Groups!

June 2020 "What's New at HCL"
May 2020 "Spotlight on OpenNTF Projects"