SoapgateQ! 5.5 supports RESTful and SOAP operations using XML or JSON.

soapgate Q! Extending the reach of Lotus Notes Domino

soapgate Q! for Domino is a web service based data access API providing the most essential features of Lotus Notes Domino. It includes operations such as…


dbColumnX (extended version providing for the return of multiple columns)


dbLookupX (same as for dbColumnX)



dbReadDocFields (loading document content)

dbSaveDocFields (creating and saving document content)

…and many more…

soapgate Q! is a standalone Notes database containing a number of web services to access basically any Notes database located on any server within the domain. The web services are accessed as web users and hence with the respective rights to the individual databases access is requested for. Wether as anonymous or authenticated user. So the Domino security model is completely adhered to. Additional web service operations to read the effective user rights and user roles will allow a developer of a different platform to incorporate these Domino security features as well.

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