Custom Open Source Web Browser for iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) that gives your server side HTML/XPage applications native hooks with a simple JSON data structure nested inside some custom div tags.  Below is a list of modal ViewControllers available in the current release.


  • audio recording

  • video recording

  • signature capture

  • barcode/qrcode reader

  • location services

  • location rendering

  • upload/ download files

  • push notification registration


To create a build you will need a Mac with XCode (I'm currently running Version 5.0 (5A1413)).  To deploy to a device you will need to be a member of Apple's developer program ($99), or your organization will need to be a part of the enterprise program ($299).  Also note that there is an XPages extension library you can use in your apps to render the required div tags called webshell-xpages-ext-lib.  If anyone out there needs some help getting started feel free to contact me via discussion board here, or via email mambler at tekcounsel dot net.

link to github repo:

quick read on the webshell Xpages ext lib

See sample app is available from the webshell-xpages-ext-lib project (airts.nsf)


Quick Video of the solution: