XPiNC Cache Control is an Eclipse plugin that IBM Domino XPages developers can use in order to view the local files (xsp, java, css, jss, etc.) that are cached by XPages in the Notes Client (XPiNC) and optionally clear the cache to avoid problems with old versions of files that are stuck in the cache and don't get updated when a page is refreshed or reloaded.

This doesn't just clear the browser cache, it clears the cache in the local Notes HTTP process that stores XPages design elements like SSJS libraries. Such a thing is very useful when you are making a lot of changes to your XPages and related design elements during testing and development.

NOTE: if your NSF is set to “Run server-based XPages directly on the server”, this plugin won't help. It is only for XPages being run locally.

This plugin can be installed to your Notes client in the following ways:

1) Via an update site
2) Via a widget catalog
3) Drag-and-drop the xpcache.zip file onto your “My Widgets” panel in the Notes sidebar

After this plugin is installed, there will be two new buttons in the Notes client browser toolbar that is visible when you are accessing an XPiNC page. One button will let you view the cache, the other will let you clear the cache. Hover your mouse over each button to see which is which.