The XPages wiki is a first iteration demonstration of a basic XPages application. It has been released on under the Apache v2 license whose terms can be read here

Please read the NOTICE.txt and LICENSE contained within the release zip file.

It only runs on a Lotus Domino Server v8.5 onwards.

The wiki is usable from the Notes Client and the web browser.

Discussion is enabled in the Notes Client for each page, however they do not yet appear within the web browser. This will be updated for iteration two.

The wiki has been tested on Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 & 3. Other browsers will be tested for the next iteration. IE6 has some display differences.


Notes and Web Rich Text Content Editing

Wiki markup and linking (including forward linking)

Automatic Table of contents

RSS feeds for new and edited content

Tags and tag clouds

Categories with custom category pages and site map list

Revision history with rollback

Easy sidebar link management