NOTE: since Domino version 7.0.2, you can add TNEFEnableConversion=1 to your Domino server's notes.ini file to enable native TNEF decoding at the time email is received on the server. Please try using that instead, because this database might not work in newer versions of Domino:


At times, e-mails you receive from users of Outlook/Exchange will be plain-text messages with a large attachment at the end called either "Winmail.dat" or "ATT0001.dat". The reason why this happens is described fairly well in Microsoft Technote 241538:;en-us;q241538

However, you as a Lotus Notes user must now do something with that .dat file, especially if there are file attachments trapped inside. While there are stand-alone freeware and shareware applications that will read those files for you (as long as you save the file to your hard drive and perform some manual steps), this database is meant to be a mail-in database where users can simply forward their messages here and it will extract the files and send them back to the user. All you have to do is:

* Set this database up as a mail-in database on your Domino server
* Tell users to forward their Winmail.dat e-mails to this database
* The database will extract the files from Winmail.dat and send them back to the user

Please see the "Using This Database" document for information on how to set this database up properly.

The Winmail.dat/TNEF file extraction makes use of a wonderful open source and GPLed JTNEF library by Amichai Rothman. Please visit his site ( ) if you have any questions about the underlying TNEF conversion code, or the licensing of his library.