Andrew Lapidas, IBM

PHP program to 'un-obfuscate' (or obfuscate) iNotes console text or response data from an iNotes HTTP request in a browser to make debugging customizations easier.

- Fully qualified hostname of a Domino server that contains an anonymously accessible Forms85.nsf in the default//iNotes/ directory
- Javascript that you'd like to either obfuscate, or un-obfuscate

- Obfuscated or un-obfuscated iNotes console code or HTTP response data

- Web server (such as Apache)
- Python installed on server
- PHP installed on server
- in path specified by JSB_PATH constant (or define the JSB_PATH constant to null to not use it, see program source for details)
--> JSBeautifier is a script to make Javascript 'prettier' - it is used here to 'beautify' the output of the program
--> It can be found here ->
- PECL HTTP extension installed on server (for HTTPRequest class in PHP) - Every distribution varies on how to install this;
  use a search engine/ distribution-specific documentation for this

Program was written to run on a web server on Linux, may not run properly on Windows

Program only works if Forms85.nsf is anonymously available on Domino, and is inside the default//iNotes/ directory -
This program does not contain any authentication mechanisms at this time.

Place unobfuscator.php in root of web server (/var/www by default in Apache on Debian/Ubuntu), and jsbeautifier.js (if desired) in JSB_PATH.
Temporary files used in constants must have RW access by user that web server runs as (/tmp is a good choice).  Access, enter the FQDN of the sevrer that has your forms database, the code you want transformed, and
whether you want to obfuscate or unobfuscate it, and then hit submit.

If you encounter issues with running the program, the error log for the web server is a great place to start (error.log in/var/log/apache2 by default for Apache on Linux)


Andrew is the author, Niklas only comitter.