Administrators struggle to make sure that when rolling out a new version of a template (especially the mail template) that users get the new functionality. A lot of times users either change the template they are inheriting from or block certain design elements from being updated when the design is refreshed. This C API program would run on the server taking a list of "good" templates and send the administrator a list of users/databases that were out of compliance so they could be corrected before rolling out a new template.


Under Windows or UNIX (AIX, Solaris, or Linux), type:

tmplchk tmplchk.log mailonly 'Admin User' 'Template1,Template2' no yes yes<br/>

If the program runs successfully you will see output similar to the following the in log file:

Mail Template API v1.0 Log on Thu Jun 04 12:19:13 2009

Opening mail directory…

The file mail\test1.nsf is using the design template StdR4PersonalAddressBook.

The database (mail\test1.nsf) for user is using an unsupported mail template (StdR4PersonalAddressBook)!!!

The file mail\test2.nsf is using the design template StdR85Mail.

Mail Template API completed sucessfully at Thu Jun 04 12:19:22 2009

Update 09/03/09:

If you use the 'yes' flag for the "Use NAB" parameter you need to add a view (PeopleBeMailFile) to the address book:

The view is a sorted view with the only column being the formula:

maildir := @If(@Contains(MailFile, "/"); @Left(MailFile, "/"); @Contains(MailFile, "\") ; @Left(MailFile, "\"); MailFile);

mailfile := @If(@Contains(MailFile, "/") | @Contains(MailFile, "\"); @If(@Contains(MailFile, "/"); @Right(MailFile, "/"); @Right(MailFile, "\")); "");

MailServer + maildir + mailfile