This sidebar plugin allows updating the status in Sametime, Connections and Twitter. It also displays status of friends in these communities in the sidebar.

This plugin works with a Connections 2.5 server to allow users to update and view status updates from a Notes shelf.

See screenshots folder for visual examples.


  1. Has been tested on Notes 8.5.x and Sametime 8.0.x
  2. Requires Connections 2.5.x server

    Installation Notes:
  3. The "Status Updater Feature (OpenNTF Edition)" is required, make sure you select "Install" for this feature.
  4. The "Twitter Status Updater Service (OpenNTF edition)" is an optional service plugin that allows you to interact with Twitter. If you do not use Twitter, you should select "Do not install".

    Once installed, go to the Status Updater Preference Page to enter your Connections 2.5

    server url to Profiles (e.g., no trailing slash). Enter your username and password that is used with Connections.

    The shelf menu can be used to switch the feed that is visible.

    A system tray icon is available for quick access to update status.

    An optional Twitter feature is also installable and allows you to view and update your Twitter status at the same time.

    Jessica Ramirez, Brian O'Donovan and Emil Varga are the developers. Niklas Heidloff only the committer.