This project contains a simple web user interface based on XPages for the Domino blog template. This allows easy usage of other XPages controls like the Captcha control.

The Domino blog template comes with IBM Lotus Domino or you can download the 8.5.1 open source version from OpenNTF.

There is a home page which lists all entries (without comments). From there single entries can be opened so that comments can be read and new comments can be added. The archive page lists metadata of all entries. Full text search can be used to narrow these entries down. You can also subscribe to entries and comments via feeds.



Watch this video to see the blog UI in action.

The setup instructions describe how to set up the NSF in this project side by side with an existing blog database. You could also copy the design elements from this project into your blog NSF but this process is not documented.

Note that this UI is really only very simple. It goes directly to the data of the blog NSF and does not tolerate blog business logic (e.g. drafts, blocked comments etc.).