This project contains some UI customization examples for sample workflows using Alloy.

The WFSample database shows screen shots of sample decision workflows.

The workflows were generated using Alloy™ version 1.0.1.

Alloy™ was running on version 8.02 of Lotus Domino Server and Lotus Notes client.

First step

Install and setup Alloy™ version 1.0.1 and ensure the SAP® prerequistes are also available.

Second Step


This database is related to the Alloy™ adminstration database on the Domino Server.

The database shows the configuration on the Domino Server to enable the sample workflow applications.

Configuration on the SAP side is described in a blog that is linked to in the About document of the WFSamples database.

Third Step

WFSamples.nsf database

This database's About document describes the rest of the steps needed to generate the sample workflows.

The default view in WFSamples contain documents which show the screen shots of sample workflows.

The design of the WFSamples database contains forms and script library.

Copy the forms and script library into a user's mail file that is enabled for Alloy™.

Fourth Step

Generate the workflow task from SAP® and it will come through the Domino Server into the user's mail file.

Rama Annavajhala is the developer, Niklas Heidloff only committer.