The modified UpdateSite.ntf template contains one additional form where you can specify the features and plug-ins that you want to get deployed into your Domino server. A LotusScript class then (triggered by various agents) copies that plug-ins and features into the designated locations (limited to places where they make sense) on the server and issues (if checked) a restart http command on the console. Existing version of the file (we only check the file name) are not replaced.

Since the ability to deploy into the server file system is very powerful one needs to control access to a database created with this template carefully (read only is OK).
The database solves for 8.5.2 the problem of deploying extension libraries. Keeping a replica on each server eases the rollout of updates dramatically: Add the library to the update site, create a server deployment document and you are done.

Stephan Wissel is the developer, Niklas Heidloff only committer.