This project contains various widget components that are necessary to see updates from OpenNTF like the latest entries in the catalogs on web sites in other domains or in the Notes sidebar. The code in this project can also be used to build similar custom widgets for other web sites than OpenNTF.

For the embeddable widgets the project has two components:

  1. A reusable XPage control that gets data as JSON and displays it. Technically this control shows how to 'work around' the one domain security policy by using the Dojo function

    This allows putting this control on other web pages than to see updates from OpenNTF. The project comes with five sample Xpages that use the control to display the lastest entries from the OpenNTF catalogs and latest projects and the most active projects.

    2. A sample view and agent that needs to be copied in the target databases which returns data in the JSON format. The Domino URL http://xxx/my.nsf/EntriesByDate?ReadViewEntries&OutputFormat=JSON unfortunately doesn't return the right JSON format.

    In addition to the embeddable widget the project also contains five Notes widgets that can be put in the Notes sidebar. The implementation of these Notes widgets is different. Since the one domain policy doesn't apply usual XPage data sources are used to access the data via NRPC (rather than HTTP).