Notes Script Extension - Framework

Here's a game for you called “Find the Mistakes.” In this NSE - Framework there are one or more bugs, your task is to find them. Whoever finds the bugs may use the framework without hesitation, whoever does not find any bugs and wants to use the framework should test its application.

The framework offers you:

  • useful classes and functions
  • imagine a way of organizing LotusScript code
  • helps you to discover, search and orientate in the NSE - Framework
  • an array class without limits
  • Errorhandling & Logging
  • filter dialogs and much more

The database contains documents and should be opened accordingly. There is a description of the framework in the database. The code descriptions, comments and texts are entered in German.
But there is a translation for the languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. These can be created directly from the application.

You know a general function that is often used? If you think that this function belongs in the framework, then write to me!