LiveText Enabler is both server side and client side project of Semantic Web Technologies for XPages applications. The XPages application that enabled LiveText will assist to see complementary information of application contents for all users. For example, an application contents are including person name, LiveText Enabler changes words of person name to be clickable. When clicking the clickable person name on the application, you will see detail information about the person name from external profile service, such as LinkedIN, IBM Connections Profiles. LiveText Enabler is using OpenCalais ( as a linguistic analysis engine to detect semantic keywords from application contents. Also, LiveText Enabler is providing some out-­‐of-­‐box appropriate services for each keywords type. And, its services will be invoked when clicking the detected keywords automatically. Supported keyword types and services for each keyword is described in the table below.


Read the documentation to find out which keyword types and services are currently supported and how to install the enabler.


Atsushi Sato,Akihiro Kosugi,Norimasa Hayashida and Atsushi 1 Ono are the authors, Niklas Heidloff only committer.