Live Text Java Action Sample (Eclipse plugin) for Rich Client


Ensure Live Text is enabled by opening the Live Text Preference Page (File -> Preferences -> Live Text). Confirm the “Enable Live Text by default for all opened documents” option is selected.
Upon viewing a Lotus Notes document or Notes emails that contain a phone number, such as in a signature of an email, the phone number will be underlined. Move your mouse over the phone number to display a small hover menu at the end of the highlighted text. Click on the hover menu to display all relevant options for phone numbers. Select “Call phone number” to execute the sample action.
NOTE: If you don't have any other widgets or actions that bind to a phone number, the “Call phone number” action will be the default action and you can execute it by simply clicking on the phone number itself.


Brian Bauman is the developer, Niklas Heidloff only the committer.