The problem with the forums ( ) is that you can't see the text of any of the responses associated with a particular message. You get a list of links to the responses at the bottom of the page, but you can only open a single message at a time – which is a huge pain if there are more than about 2 responses to a message.

What this script does (thanks to the magic of Greasemonkey) is to add a little [+] next to each response link at the bottom of the page. If you click on that [+], it will open a

beneath the link that will get populated with the message body for that particular response. Click it again, and the response body disappears.

Essentially, you can now read all the responses to a forum topic inline (on one page) instead of having to go to a separate page for each response. For some screenshots of how all this actually looks, go here:

Just install Greasemonkey ( ), restart your browser, and install this script by going to the latest release of this project, right-clicking the link, and choosing the "Install new script…" option.