JsonBeanX (JSON to Bean for XPages) is a Java library that IBM Domino XPages developers can use in order to convert JSON directly to Java beans, or Java beans to JSON. It uses reflection to find the public getter and setter methods in a Java bean, and it maps them to fields in the JSON object – similar to gson and Jackson, but without the security Exceptions or the need to put the library in a plugin. This library can be included as a JAR file in your Notes database.

Please see the javadocs for more information, at:

You can also use this outside of your XPages projects, but you will need to include the com.ibm.commons library as well, from:
If you download the latest release of the SocialSDK project, the commons library is available as a compiled JAR file in the redist/jar folder.

JUnit tests can be found in the/test folder of the source distribution.