Need a quick check to see which groups a user belongs to?
Ever needed to create a new user and assign groups like an existing colleague?
Then these tools are for you.

Simply select a user in the server-NAB and select menu: Action > GroupTools > …

- Discover/Edit group(s) of selected user
Lists all groups a user is a member of.
Nested groups are identified by a LevelNr in front of the groupName (ie: 01 $Everyone_A, 02 Everyone)
Select a group and click [ok] to open the group.

- Add new user to specific groups of selected user
Select a sample-user (existing colleague) and start this tool. It will list all groups the user is assigned to.
Select one or more groups and click [ok]. Now pick a user (new colleague) you want to assign to the selected groups.

Open the nsf in the Notes designer-client and copy/paste the two LotusScript agents to your server address book.
Make sure you sign both agents with an ID that has the [GroupModifier] role in the ACL.