Starting with Version CF11 IBM WebSphere Portal includes the Digital Data Connector
(DDC) framework. It introduces the pattern of using IBM Web Content Manager to render data
being served from arbitrary sources.
While DDC provides built-in support for consuming remote XML data, this sample shows how to
integrate other arbitrary data sources. It includes a custom Digital Data Connector plugin that
enumerates files and folders found on the local file system. Once deployed, site designers can
visualize this information on your portal pages using their WCM presentation components of
choice. The Web Content Library contained in this sample shows how to transform the information
exposed by the DDC plugin into markup rendered on your portal pages. The designs contained in
this library also show how private render parameters can be used to represent DDC render state. A
private render parameter is used to represent the “current directory”. It is set when site visitors click
on folder names in order to drill down into individual folders.

For questions, feedback and comments on the IBM Digital Data Connector, please visit our public Digital Data Connector Community on DeveloperWorks