This is a simple XPages application to share files with others without using any login or user management. The access to the downloads is filtered by a customer ID only. You can provide the ID to your customer so he can see his downloads only. In addition you can provide readers and authors fields to restrict internal Notes users when they are logged in.

You can always try a [Live Demo here]

You can use Anonymous access or the follwoing credentials to use it as a FileSilo admin:

Username: openntf

Password: openntf

But: you cannot delete collections or edit the database profile here ;-)

New in 3.0.0


Plugins such as ODA and Bootstrap4XPages


V10 support

Extlib Vanilla support

New in 2.0.3 *


  • XPiNC interface due to massive problems
  • Bootstrap skin for CKEditor due to problems with FP1/FP2 compatibility


  • File size displayed in “manage” view
  • new button to display all attachment names right from the “manage” view

I want to say THANK YOU for your support! This one has been downloaded 1000+ times within the last 12 month. As I released the initial one in September 2013 I called this release “September”.

New in 2.0.2 “Ah, push it!“

- Pushover notification integrated to inform you about new uploads

New in 2.0.1 “CodeForTim”

  • new datepicker
  • CSS tweaks
  • gradients
  • modal fades
  • FontAwesome icons

New in 2.0.0

Another milestone! This release uses 2 new components from OpenNTF:

  • the OpenNTF Domino API
  • the Bootstrap 4 XPages plugin

Please make sure you have both installed on your server/client to run this application!

New feature:
I started some kind of an API, you can get the collection infos as JSON (see the link “API” in the bottom navigation for details).
And as eyecandy I put a background pattern on each page and created a blue gradient for the help-area.

**New in 1.1.4**

- Bootstrap 3.1.1 usage

- new tooltips (BS)

- Bootstrap skin for CKEditor

- Bootstrap Fileupload control

- CSS tweaks

**This is the last release w/o Bootstrap4XPages plugin**

New in 1.1.3

- added default expire amount of days

- added trim for customer key

- added URL dialog for copying URLs for collection/key

- CKEditor tweaks

- CSS tweaks

New in 1.1.2

- readers/authors fields bug

- bootstrap modals instead of alerts

- usage of dynamic content control to refresh page instead of reloading completely

- some CSS tweaks

- more user friendly navigation

New in 1.1.1

- Log for all activities (upload, deletions, creation of a collection)

- File form: new layout with tabs

- Bug fix in profile form (namepicker)

- Required name in upload form

- Validation of welcome form (customer key is validated)

- CSS tweaks on Bootstrap 3 with XPages usage

New in 1.1.0

- fixed expire date issue

- CSS tweaks

- new login/logout


I deleted the Bitbucket repository and moved it to GitHub now.

Please feel free to fork the latest version from GitHub and build your own “nightly” (at your own risk)