Easily validate the fields on your forms – in the Notes client AND on the Web – in a single place.

Normally, you have separate "Input Validation" formulas for all the fields on a Form that you want to validate. This can quickly become difficult to manage and maintain. The FieldValidation script library in this database is a generic LotusScript library that allows you to move the field validation formulas into a single place in your form's QuerySave event (or a script library) – this makes it a lot easier to view and modify the field validation rules on your forms. You can also dynamically change the validation rules based on values that have been entered on a document (for example, the validation for a doc in "Draft" mode might be different than a doc in "Completed" mode).

The forms in this database are examples of different ways you can use the FieldValidation library to achieve this goal, including a way to use this validation technique on a Web document.