Date Name Downloads
Jul 8, 2021 Easy Admin Tools V12.3.1 402
Jun 2, 2019 Easy Admin Tools V12.3.0 738
Mar 1, 2019 Easy Admin Tools V12.2.1 206
Jan 25, 2019 Easy Admin Tools V12.2.0 118
Jan 16, 2019 Easy Admin Tools V12.1.0 75
Dec 6, 2018 Easy Admin Tools V12.0.0 149
Mar 26, 2018 Easy Admin Tools V11.3.4 445
Easy Admin Tools V12.3.1
Easy Admin Tools V12.3.1
Jul 8, 2021
Apache License

V12.3.2 already in preparation.
Below the changes in V12.3.1:
In Agent “(Tools-Mail-In-Database-Create)” fixed a bug when “Cancel” button is pressed.
In Agent “Log - Get SMTP Servers” in “Main” sub routine, added extra tests to check validity of LogDoc.
In Agent “Log-Open-Db-In-Event-Line” added extra test for one of the conditions in “Main” sub routine.
In Agent “Agents Scheduler”, in sub routines “CheckLastRunForMTOADX” and “CheckLastRunForDailyX”, fixed a bug where “Server Agents” document was not getting updated if an agent was disabled. In sub routine “Main” fixed a bug for call to Agent MTOAD 13 “Archive”.
In “ServerAgents” Form, in tab “Last Runned Agents”, added 50 “Delta” fields.
If Script Library “EATServerAgentDoc” in sub routine “CopyOneMTOADField” fixed a bug that was Enabling a Disabled Agent.
Created Agent “(Deletion Stubs - Remove All In This Application)“.
In Script Library “EATDatabases”, added new sub routine “GetLowestServerBuildVersion” and included it in each “DatabaseOnRXServerOrHigher”.
In Script Library “EATDatabases”, in sub routines “GetFileFormat” and “FileFormatServerVersion” added condition to take care of Release 11.0.
In “Tools” Page added new button “ID Vault - Upload ID”.
Created agent “(Tools-ID-Vault-Upload-ID)“.
Added “mail11.ntf” in Form “Keyword” and “Database Script”.
In Agent “Clean Database” in sub routine “RemoveACLAddAccessByAgent” fixed a bug that was removing the documents before the delay set in “Application Profile - Access Control List” document.
In Agent “Admin-Tool-Database-Change-Properties” added text to inform user if the Change Properties concerns Full-Text-Indexing.
In Agent “(Tools-Find-Database-By-ReplicaID)” added Error Management for “cannot open database” error.
For Echo Mail-In Document updated “ApplicationProfile-Echo” Form, “Echo” Agent, “EATCheckApplication” Script Library and “Database Script” in order to update Mail-In Owners and Administrators.
In Script Library “EATArraysFieldsStringsVariants” in sub routine “UpdateVariantFieldMultiValue” added “DocToUpdate.UniversalID” information in Error Management.
In Agent “Databases - Read Documents Inside” in sub routine “ReadProfiles” add “ExistingDb.FilePath” and “ExistingDb.Title” information in “CreateErrorDocument” for Error 4999.
In Agent “Databases - Scan All” in sub routine “UpdateExistingDocumentR6SlowFields” changed Error Management for a database that is being compacted to not interrupt Agent execution.
Updated view “Databases\All Databases\By Server” because it was sorting by Size descendant instead of by Database Title.
In Agent “(Admin-Tool-Maintenance-Remove-Deletion-Stubs)” in sub routine “Main” added server display when searching and removing Deletion Stubs.
In Agent “(Admin-Tool-Database-Change-Properties)“, changed the way we get field values by using “GetXXXField” instead of “Form.Field(0)“.
In Script Library “EATArraysFieldsStringsVariants”, in sub routine “Sort”, “Remove empty values” section, changed “ArrayStart = 0” to “ArrayStart = 1” and “ArrayEnd = -1” to “ArrayEnd = 0”.
In Script Library “EATArraysFieldsStringsVariants”, in sub routine “Sort”, in “Remove empty values” part, fixed a bug with “Redim”.
In “Memo” Form, added “Failure Reason” line in table.
Fixed a bug when Server names are in lower case: Updated all “Server Agents...” views in first column replace “Server” by “@UpperCase(Server)“. In Script Library “EATServerAgentDoc” in sub routine “GetEATServerDoc” replaced “ServerToGet = CurrentServer” by “ServerToGet = Ucase$(CurrentServer)” and “ServerToGet = NameAbbreviated(ServerToGet)” by “ServerToGet = Ucase$(NameAbbreviated(ServerToGet))“.