In November 2011, IBM and Deutsche Post announced a comprehensive cooperation about the E-POSTBRIEF offering and its integration with IBM technologies and solutions.
Some of the details could be found here:

As of today, the technical integration of Deutsche Post's E-POSTBRIEF offering into Lotus Notes is available at

Users who want to send and receive E-POSTBRIEF documents could now directly access this feature from within their collaboration client if connected to the provider's E-POSTBRIEF gateway.
The E-POSTBRIEF add-in for Lotus Notes bases on the German mail template. It integrates seamlessly with the proven security features of both vendor's platforms. The desired functionality could be easily deployed via policy to any Notes client that leverages the enhanced design.

The new add-in will be delivered as an extension for current 8.5 editions of Lotus Notes, but back-porting is also possible.

IBM will also pitch E-POSTBRIEF as part of its consulting and integration projects to customers.


Matthias and Andreas are the developers, Niklas only committer.