A Unit Testing framework in a similar manner to JUNIT. Currently supports the following object types and your own custom classes.

Numeric Assertions

  • integer
  • long
  • double
  • currency

    LS Date

    Boolean (Integer)


  • NotesDocument (based on UNID)
  • NotesDatabase (based on Replica Id)

    Code Examples.

    ' – set the place for the results to go

    Dim OutputStream As NotesDatabaseOutputStream

    Set OutputStream = New NotesDatabaseOutputStream(session, "", "tools/DominoUnit.nsf")

    ' – creating a new test

    Dim testObject As New Test("Test Objects", Outputstream)

    ' – assertions

    Call test.AssertEqual("Test",1)

    Call test.AssertTrue(True)

    Call test.AssertFalse(False)

    ' – test suites

    Dim testSuite As New TestSuite("isMemberTests", OutputStream)

    ' – add the test to the suite

    Call testSuite.Add(test1)

    Call test1.AssertEqual(True,isMember(vArray2,vArray1))

    ' – custom classes

    Dim tony As New Person

    Dim emp As New Person

    Call tony.init("Tony","A","Palmer")

    Call emp.init("Tony","A","Palmer")

    Call Test101.AssertEqual(tony,emp)

    Class Person

    Function isEqual(people As Person) As Integer

    ' add in your own code that determines equality or not.

    End Function


    End Class