Exchanging legal electronic documents between citizens, agencies, and businesses over the Internet - De-Mail makes this possible. This German E-Government communications service could help to reduce communication costs of administration and companies. It is currently (August 2012) provided by a set of accredited De-Mail providers:
- Deutsche Telekom AG
- Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH
- T-Systems International GmbH

With Lotus Notes/Domino, IBM provides an integrated collaboration platform that also includes e-mail functionality. Notes could be integrated with additional collaboration capabilities including chat, voice and video conferencing, blogs and microblogs, forums and file sharing.
The new De-Mail Addin for Lotus Notes, which could be downloaded from OpenNTF, extends this set of Notes capabilities by providing an easy integration of De-Mail capabilities into Lotus Notes. Using these extensions, a Notes user could send and receive legally binding e-mails with just a few clicks. This enables companies to establish new ways of communication with their partners and customers using De-Mail technology.