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Introduction and business requirement

IBM® Lotus® Notes® databases that reside on clustered IBM Lotus Domino® servers need to be monitored for consistency with respect to database size and document counts. Also, Domino administrators should be provided with data to help them plan for the high availability of critical databases and ensure that server performance is at optimum level.


Lotus Notes/Domino has a built-in cluster analysis utility that can be invoked from the Administration client, but this utility doesn't provide detailed analysis at the database level and is not of much help in identifying problems.

Catalog.nsf is an another source from which we can obtain database statistics, but the data is not easily understood and users may choose to not include the databases in the catalog, leading to non-availability of data for certain databases.

Based on the above requirements, we have developed an LN-based tool for cluster monitoring that can track the databases in the cluster and display relevant reports to Domino administrators.

Using the tool, Domino administrators can track databases across servers in a cluster and receive a list of the databases that includes details such as on which severs the databases exist, and whether or not (1) cluster replication is enabled, (2) the database size is within acceptable limits from the average database size, and (3) the document count is within acceptable limits from the average document count for each database.

The data is collected on a daily basis and is presented in graphical format, helping administrators to identify the issues at a database level and to take the necessary corrective/preventive actions, and to track the changes for each database in a timely manner.

Mdirshad A Danawala is the developer, Niklas Heidloff only committer.