IBM Digital Data Connector (DDC) is used to integrate data from external data sources on your portal pages by using IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) presentation components. In this sample we are integrating IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Business Process Manager (BPM). This integration allows WebSphere Portal to become a front-end for BPM pulling data into WebSphere Portal using the BPM REST APIs. BPM can then behave in a “headless” manner, acting as a data source for WebSphere Portal.

Functionality available out of the box in WebSphere Portal using Unified Task List has been implemented using DDC and segregated into portlets. The library provided in this sample contains four content items which you can drag and drop onto your WebSphere Portal pages. The content items allow a user to work with exposed processes, tasks, task details and coaches stored in the BPM backend. These content items are provided as examples of how you can easily integrate WebSphere Portal and BPM using DDC.