Some of you liked my first contribution, the "OSnippets Template" and demanded in other places "more Bootstrap" for XPages applications. So here you go.

Please notice that this is just a playground for me, but the custom control "ccBootstrapLayout" might be helpful for you.

This demo also includes some nice jQuery plugins and css like

  • select2
  • longPress
  • Fullcalendar (optimized for jQuery 1.8 and the Bootstrap jQuery UI theme)
  • jQuery UI theme for Bootstrap


Many thanks go to Marky Roden for demonstrating some of these plugins here:


You can see a live demo of the database template here:


This is awesome! Thanks for downloading! But please feel free to tune into a discussion, feature request and stuff. I really appreciate any feedback to get this better and better :-)


To be clear: this template does not depend on the Extension Library/ExtLib Bootstrap 4 XPages. It works without any extension.