The Board comprises:
  • Nine Member Directors who must be employed by an OpenNTF member. Member Directors have a two-year term unless there are exceptional circumstances requiring a one-year term.
  • Three Contributor Directors who have a one-year term.

In addition, in 2011 three driving forces behind OpenNTF were also honoured as permanent Honorary Directors - Bruce Elgort, Nathan T Freeman and Vince Shuurmann.

The directors also annually elect the following positions from among their number:
  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Further details can be found in the Bylaws.

NameCompanyType and YearRoles
Christian G├╝demannWebGate Consulting AG Member Director (2020)Board Chairman
Adam FosterOval Business SolutionsMember Director (2020) Board Member
Fredrik NorlingQNova Systems ABContributor DirectorBoard Member
Jesse GallagherI Know Some GuysMember Director (2020)Board Member
Doug RobinsonProminic.NETMember Director (2020)Board Member
Howard GreenbergTLCCContributor DirectorBoard Member
Roberto BoccadoroEld Engineering ScrlContributor DirectorBoard Member
Graham AcresBrytek Systems Inc.Member Director (2019)Board Member
Dan DumontHCLMember Director (2019)Board Member
Oliver BusseWe4ITMember Director (2019)Board Member
Paul WithersHCLMember Director (2019)Board Member
Serdar BasegmezDevelopi Information SystemsMember Director (2020)Board Member