OpenNTF Steering Committee Meeting February 23rd, 2010

In attendance:
John Head ,Justin Hill, Ludwig Nastansky, Bruce Elgort, Niklas Heidloff, Mike Wetherbee (for Scott Johnsen), Corey Davis

Niklas Heidloff, Steve Castledine

Not in attendance:

Nathan Freeman, Brent Peters

IP Working Committee

Committers - Project got committed to Apache catalog without IP Manager approval. Discussions ensued - Niklas is now clear on the IP rules and will not commit code to catalogs until a new and/or temporary IP Manager is sourced.

IP Manager is required for all submissions to the catalog

Niklas asked about projects that were deemed "simple" in nature which wouldn't require much IP review.

Need an update from Nathan on status of funds for acquiring Peter Tanners services.

Motion - To allow a legal resource to act as a temporary IP manager GPL and IP APL to approve scanning of code in projects. John would be the IP OpenNTF Manager working via proxy with the legal resource. The motion was passed with all in favor.

John will follow up with Nathan. Check on publicity of this.

Remember there is an IP working group call on Friday morning. John asked the committee for feedback on how to get more people.

Strategy Working Committee Niklas liked the meeting held by Nathan and found it to be informative. Nathan will report on the meeting on at the March 9th meeting.

Technical Working Committee

Videos posted which showed various OpenNTF projects Mobile controls added to allow development of mobile applications Samples from IBM coming soon.

Marketing Committee Efforts

Open Items

2010 OpenNTF Agenda - What and where is it.

Some thoughts: Consider OpenLotus Branding - more broad based awareness Concept of AppStore

11 ET - This is the time of the SC meetings. Best times of week to work. Bruce to reach out to SC members to determine best way to handle.

Steve Castledinee mentioned the election results for the new OpenNTF Chairman whereby Bruce Elgort was elected Chairman.

Meeting adjourned.

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