The DSC-Suite project is an interface to SpamAssassin.

DSC-Suite enables you to filter out spam messages. It integrates into your Lotus Notes/Domino infrastructure. Filter results depend on (your own) SpamAssassin daemon. Therefore the DSC-Suite could be perfectly integrated into an existing SpamAssassin infrastructure. By design the DSC-Suite doesn't put any noteworthy load to your server, as it only intercepts the emails and transmits it to the SpamAssassin deamon, which by itself does the resource-intensive spam/ham classification. Naturally, all features SpamAssassin provides (e.g. RBL/DNSBL, own rules, MySQL-Backend!) are useable and many of these features could be configured from Lotus Notes client.
DSC-Suite consists of two components:
  • the configuration/statistics database
  • the DSC-Suite libraries DomSpamC and DSCLearner (currently only for Win32, but Linux libraries are under progress)

DomSpamC acts as an Extension Manager which hooks itself into the Lotus Domino SMTP task. Emails that come through the SMTP task are captured and transmitted to the SpamAssasin daemon (spamd). According to the filter result, DomSpamC decides to place the spam message into the users junk mail folder or transmits it as usual to the recipients inbox.

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The DSCLearner is designed as a Lotus Domino Server Add-In task. It periodically (configurable) runs user based un/learn of self classified spam/ham messages. Therefore, DSCLearner transmits the emails to the SpamAssassin deamon in the backend and allows to implement an user based bayesian statistic analysis out of a corporate environment. The learned emails will improve the filter results then DomSpamC sends the next email to the SpamAssassin deamon.
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This post was authored by Nico Prenzel.

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