CollaborationToday has become a key place to stay updated on all ICS platforms. In an exciting year for Domino, Connections and Portal we would like to expand the small team currently curating blog posts. We want to make sure posts are specifically relevant to our community and provide best value to those using the site. The effort required is minimal, reviewing and creating an entry with brief details and publishing. So if you're interested in helping out, please contact Oliver Busse or one of the other board members via social media or via the OpenNTF Slack channels.

Part of the improvements we made last year to minimise the effort required was auto-tweeting of content posted there to the CollaborationToday Twitter Stream. Those stopped running for a while, but have been re-enabled now. These pick up RSS feeds for particular areas of focus, so if you want to stay updated on specific areas via a feed reader, you can use URLs in the format of The filter can be found by clicking on one of the categories in the right-hand menu of CollaborationToday.

If there are other HCL products that it would be useful for CollaborationToday to cover blog posts for, and you have a specific expertise in that area, we are open to adding categories for those too.

Watch a short intro to how to moderate articles on here.

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