This week a new release of XPages OpenLog Logger was released. In the blog post about it today, I made a request for other developers to get involved. As I mentioned, it's not because of any imminent or planned intention to step aside from the project. Instead it's part of an ongoing plan for improved governance of projects on OpenNTF - giving less risk of a project being left without a chef to take it forward, providing more breadth for supporting bugs and feature requests, and providing more people to test new releases of the project or test the project on new releases of Domino. It will also provide a project board who are able to help drive the project forward in a way that supports all users (although I hope I've done a pretty good job of that, helped by the tight scope of the project).

More importantly, I'm not just looking for people able to "hit the ground running" with the project. Getting involved in OpenNTF Domino API from the start has taught me a huge amount about Domino and Java. Co-authoring XPages Extension Library taught me a massive amount about the components involved and, with the skills from both, I've been able to contribute back. So I'm particularly keen to reach out to developers who may not be Java or XPages experts but who want to get involved in open source projects and want to expand their skills. Many of the feature requests I've had are small, self-contained enhancements. And the scope of the project - as Java code in an NSF, as a plugin, picking up values, with a JavaDoc and (I would like to think) good documentation and a demo database - means there's a lot for those who want to learn. And I am particularly keen to ensure a good "on-boarding" process for the new team.

There's nothing immediately on the horizon, but a new release is a good time to reach out. So get in touch with me on my blog, on Twitter (paulswithers) or on the XPages Slack chat (see Dave Leedy's recent blog post).

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