The nominations for OpenNTF's Board of Directors are in.  

For the Member Directors, representing OpenNTF's member companies, four nominations are elected by acclamation:

Oliver Busse -  We4IT

Martin Donnelly - IBM

Nathan Freeman - Red Pill Development

Paul Withers - Intec Systems Ltd

On the Contributor Director side, we had five nominees for the three positions.  So, all Contributors should have received a ballot to vote for up to three candidates.  If you are a contributor and have not received an email ballot, please send a note to  The ballots must be emailed by this Friday, Sept 25.  

The Contributor Director Nominees are:

Köll S. Cherizard

Padraic Edwards

Adam Foster

Fredrik Norling

Michael Ruhnau

And here are their Contributor Director Statements:

        Köll S. Cherizard

Greetings! My name is Köll S. Cherizard, seeking your support for Board membership. I am a homeschooling father of three, application developer, mostly self-taught but also working to complete my Bachelor Degree at a local university, majoring in Computer Science. Like most people, I embrace the normal cadence of life, technology, sciences, and anything our kids (two boys and girl) wish to teach us... I try to be open-minded. I work for a State Agency in the Capital Region of Upstate New York as an Information Technology Specialist.

My goal is to continue to educate myself, help wherever support is needed, whether in my current position, or in my personal affairs; one reason I joined OpenNTF, other communities and forums. Currently, my participation includes submissions of sample Programs via XSnippets and complete dowloadable projects. I hope becoming a Board member will allow me to be more connected to OpenNTF, share my ideas, knowledge, and help others achieve their goals. Your vote is important to me, and appreciated... Rest assured, my loyalty and devotion to continuing the work of OpenNTF, in whatever capacity, is a strong one. Thank you for your time.

        Padraic Edwards

I have been contributing to OpenNTF for a number of years most notably working on the XPages Extension Library project. I have also created and maintain other OpenNTF projects (e.g. Maven Build Management UpdateSite, Trouble Ticket Application). I am always looking to help enable people to build great solutions. I feel I could encourage new and existing members to bring their projects to reality and drive the OpenNTF projects ecosystem.

        Adam Foster

I am an IBM Lotus Notes veteran developer of 19 years, I have attended several Lotuspheres and been part of the Design Partner program for XPages and helped IBM write the Notes 9 Exams.

I am still using IBM Notes XPages and classic Domino programming and keen to do more Java and BluemIx projects.

I am keen to help the vision of encouraging and helping users around the world to collaborate on open source projects and share them by releasing them as open source.

I think should be leading the way in reinvigorating IBM Notes by highlighting the wide variety of applications and capabilities and versatility of the IBM Notes XPages framework.

I would like to make the everyday projects in that are useful to Users easier to find review and install and upgrade for users.

I would also like to encourage users and developers who have in house applications that are being replaced or superseded to share the project if suitable to to conserve the code and share to other users.

I work for Oval Business Solutions in Godalming, Surrey, UK.

Please consider me as a contributing member for the board.

        Fredrik Norling

I'm an ICS  consultant that has worked with IBM Domino since the mid 90:th both as an Admin and Developer.   I work for a Swedish IBM Business Partner, QNova Systems with developing new XPage related software and cloud solutions.

Most people in the ICS community probably know me better thru my blog at and also thru my Twitter account XPageDeveloper.

I hope to continue to  be an asset to the OpenNTF community by finding solutions and processes to increase simplicity and business values. So we get more Developers/Companies to share knowledge thru the community and use OpenNTF solutions in their daily work.

        Michael Ruhnau

I have worked with Notes & Domino since 1997 as a consultant, administrator and developer. Today I work for Helvetia Swiss Insurances as a Domino and XPages developer. For the success of my projects OpenNTF is a key asset and I use OpenNTF code from many different projects almost every day. Last year I submitted my first OpenNTF project XPages Gamification. In my role as a developer on customer side I contributed new requirements, feature requests, testing and quality assurance etc. to various projects that I use for my daily work (e.g. XPT Toolkit, POI4XPages).
As contributor director I would like to take the opportunity to get more involved in OpenNTF and contribute something back to this excellent resource and community. I am offering to share my experience as a corporate developer to encourage others to use and even contribute back to OpenNTF projects.

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