As the developers close in on a long-awaited M5 release of OpenNTF Domino API, Paul Withers has created three blog posts showing how to use XOTS to write Java code in your NSFs that can run background and multi-threaded tasks. Already functioning for those use cases, the next step is to enable it for scheduled tasks, which would allow developers to finally to replace LotusScript or Java agents and use a single set of code for the whole of their XPages application.

The posts are all under the category of XOTS on Paul's blog.

For those unfamiliar with XOTS, here is a portion of Paul's introduction:

"OpenNTF Domino API has provided a number of significant enhancements. One of the more recent is XOTS. As its name suggests, XOTS brings together XPages and DOTS....However, the limitation has always been that an NSF may have specific business logic in it, but the DOTS task had to live outside the NSF, so could not share the same Java code. There was no way to code once and apply to threaded / backend tasks. Furthermore, there was no functionality for scheduling tasks. So agents had to be either ported to LotusScript or coded in Java with a third copy of business logic and utility classes (because XPages Java code cannot be used in Java Script Libraries or Java agents). XOTS is intended to address these issues"

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