Next week sees the second user group conference of the month, with Engage taking place in the beautiful city of Ghent in Belgium. The conference runs on Monday 30th March and Tuesday 31st March at two venues. The Aula van de universiteit Gent hosts the keynote and Het Pand ("The Property") hosts the main part of the conference. As at ICS.UG Kramer Reeves will be delivering the keynote, no doubt with IBM Verse top of the agenda bearing in mind General Availability is due the following day. In addition a number of OpenNTF Board Members (past and present) will be speaking, including:

Dev01. From XPages Hero To OSGi Guru: Taking The Scary Out Of Building Extension Libraries
Com03. Become your company's Meeting Hero!
OpenNTF Chairman will again deliver the popular session from IBM ConnectED on how to move from copying and pasting design elements in XPages to contributing them server-wide in an extension library. He will then join his colleague Roman Weber in a sponsor session about the do's and don'ts to make a meeting a success.

Dev10. App.Next - The Future of Domino Application Development
Dev05. Bluemix - Now here's something NEW for Domino Developers
Board member Martin Donnelly will be presenting with Pete Janzen on the latest enhancements to Domino, no doubt covering the recent release of Extension Library and the latest developments to XPages and Domino on Bluemix.
Martin will then be diving deeper into Bluemix with Niklas Heidloff.

Dev07. The Graph Revolution
Board member Nathan Freeman will be reprising his session from ICS.UG, explaining why the opinion that you need RDBMS for big data is wrong and why, if you want to do big data, you should be using graph databases in Domino with OpenNTF Domino API.

Dev08. Transformations - Smart Application Migration
Board member Oliver Busse will reprise his session from ICS.UG covering some commonly-encountered design patterns when migrating "legacy" applications to XPages.

Dev12. 10 Mistakes You and Every XPages Developer Make. Yes, I said YOU!
Board member Serdar Basegmez will give some code samples and best practices to help XPages developers avoid some common pitfalls.

Dev09. Jedi and Sith: OpenNTF Domino API and CrossWorlds
Board member Paul Withers will join with Daniele Vistalli on enhancements with OpenNTF Domino API and how it has been used to develop using the Domino object model on Websphere Liberty, before showing what can be done when you move beyond XPages.

Dev14. Just a View: An Introduction To Model-View-Controller Pattern in XPages
Former board member Ulrich Krause will also be reprising his session from ICS.UG to bring developers up to speed on MVC development.

Dev04. The Future of Web Development - Write Once, Run Everywhere with AngularJS and Domino
Former Board Member Mark Leusink will deliver his popular session from IBM ConnectED on using AngularJS and DAS to create a web app that can be deployed on any web server.

Free Beer
As at ICS.UG, OpenNTF will also be sponsoring the bar during SpeedSponsoring on Monday evening. So enjoy a beer....and don't forget to speak to board members and others involved with OpenNTF during the two days.

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