Next week two board members, Christian Guedemann and Nathan T Freeman, will be representing OpenNTF at DanNotes. On Wednesday 14:30 Christian and Nathan will be presenting a session together entitled "OpenNTF and open source for developers", detailing plans for OpenNTF over the year to come.

On Thursday, there are three more sessions by Nathan or Christian:

09:30 OpenNTF, Graphs, and Revolutions by Nathan T Freeman

Problem: Your Domino domain has thousands of isolated data silos with unstructured documents, increasing index demands and limited data types. Solution: The OpenNTF Domino API can flatten your entire Domino environment into a single Graph database, enforcing schemas, eliminate views, and allow almost unlimited data types, turning your Domino servers into a secure enterprise data service. All with free, open source software and all right now. Come see how you can join this revolution.

11:30 Developing for Developer - The art of plugin development by Christian Guedemann

XPages development is becoming more and more common and commodity. But there are new ground to claim and the extensibility of the XSP platform allows developer to develop for developers. But how to start? What are the common pitfalls? And how to build an extension that has an influence to the community? Lets have an open and interactive discussion according the approach that we have taken for POI4XPages and the XPages Toolkit.

13:30 "It worked before" – JUnit Testing in XPages by Christian Guedemann

Writing clean code is a form of art. Writing clean code that works, is the high target. But how can I be sure that my last change not affects functionality of existing code?
Test-driven Development (TDD) is a way of developing application that covers this ground. Thanks to the new org.openntf.junit.xsp plugin, this way of developing application is now available for XPage developer.
Learn how TDD can be used in XPages projects and why the use of TDD has a positive effect of the presenters work-life balance. Get first hand experience how TDD has worked in a huge project and how the employees could be engaged. Get inspired to use TDD in your next project to produce clean code that works.

OpenNTF will also be beer sponsor at DanNotes, a first step in raising the profile of OpenNTF at user groups. So any attendees wanting to learn more about OpenNTF, find out how to become more involved in the community or wanting to discuss OpenNTF should seek out Christian or Nathan. Per Henrik Lausten, who recently stepped down as board member but is still involved with the community, will also be attending as one of the organisers of DanNotes.

It has been a busy week for User Group meetings. Christian has been speaking about OpenNTF at SNoUG, the Swiss Notes User Group. Christian spoke on test-driven development at DNUG in the developer track. That track was managed by Oliver Busse, who recently joined the OpenNTF board. Also speaking at DNUG was Niklas Heidloff, another former board member.

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