It's a pleasure to announce the new OpenNTF board. We already have four Member Directors who still have one year left on their tenure:

Paul Withers
Dan Dumont
Oliver Busse
Graham Acres

The following Member Directors have been elected to a two-year tenure starting this year:
Christian G├╝demann
Adam Foster
Jesse Gallagher
Doug Robinson

The following Contributor Directors have been elected for a year:
Roberto Boccadoro
Fredrik Norling
Howard Greenberg

After a number of years as a contributor director Nina Wittich this year decided to step down from the board. Thank you, Nina, for your work on the board.

In Nina's place, we are happy to welcome Roberto Boccadoro to the board. He has worked for some time curating content for CollaborationToday and has coordinated the OpenNTF Guides. His strong background in all things admin will bring an additional perspective to the board.

The new board will take up their positions on 3rd October, when we will also elect the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary positions.

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