OpenNTF has grown organically for nearly twenty years. In that time, we have accumulated a lot of projects and a lot of entries in our directory. Just as the platform and the types of projects have evolved over that time, so have our members. Usernames are tied tightly to email addresses, meaning if people move company they accumulate logins. That is also true for contributors, which means logins may no longer be correct, because our contributors are more likely than most to have moved companies. And some of those contributors have moved on beyond just changing companies, but changing technologies, so they're no longer working actively with Domino. This provides a challenge for being up-to-date and as secure as we would like. Thankfully our friends at Prominic are able to identify who has logged in over a period of time. This allows us to identify which logins are active and which are not. So we'll be using that over the first three months of this year to enable us to clean up our data and provide better services across our infrastructure. At the end of that period, any users who have not logged in over the period will be purged. That does not prevent those people registering again. It also does not impact authentication into OpenNTF's Slack - that is managed within Slack itself. But it will allow us to better identify where a project no longer has an active project chef. So if you want your login to OpenNTF retained, please log into the site before the end of March. We will be reminding people regularly in the meantime.

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