The entire community was shocked last week to learn about the death of Tim Tripcony. Tim was a prolific contributor to, both with his own projects and his collaboration on the XPages Extension Library and the Domino API. Tim was a big supporter of open source and the IBM XPages community. His death touches every one of us personally.

In an effort to remember Tim’s amazing contributions to our community, the board would like to invite everyone to share #codefortim – starting right now. What is #codefortim ? It’s an effort for everyone to contribute their knowledge and passion – something Tim did better than anyone – as a lasting memorial. We have a few suggestions on how you can get involved.

First, Tim has a few uncompleted projects on Github and Bitbucket. His projects will be audited and more information will be posted. The goal is to complete these projects and publish them to As these projects are published, we ask you do the following:
1. Include Tim as a contributor. The IP Working Group Chairman will include Tim in the project
2. Include #codefortim in your project description
3. Include Tim’s name and #codefortim in the licensing document required for a project release.

We realize that Tim’s projects aren’t something everyone has the time or skill to undertake, so we are asking that anyone who wants to contribute projects or snippets use the #codefortim tag in the project description. If you would like to contribute content in other ways, such as recording a video for David Leedy for Notesin9 as part of this community effort or write an entry on your own blog, that’s great as well. The goal here isn’t to worry about the mechanism, but to leverage Tim’s spirit. Please tag your content with #codefortim.

Tim was one of the most giving and warm members of our community. The best way we can remember him and say goodbye is to build on his legacy. Tim will be missed as one of the best teachers. And as one of the best friends. We miss you Tim.

The Board

Tim’s projects on GitHub are here. We suggest looking at oauth4domino and his personal org.opentf.xsp.extlib.
Tim’s projects on Bitbucket are here.

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