Bruce Elgort
Per Henrik Lausten
Peter Tanner
Frank van der Linden
Christian Guedemann
Mikael Orn
Corey Davis
Serdar Basegmez
Justin Hill
Pete Janzen
Thomas Bahn
Mark Leusink
John Rolling
Paul Withers
Sean Cull
Fredrik Malmborg
Nathan Freeman
Jesse Gallagher
Adam Foster

1) Meeting called to order

2) Introductions - OpenNTF Board Members, Members and Attendees

3) Chairman's Report: Bruce Elgort
- 3 contests the last year. Lots of contributions. Appathon just finished. The chairman thanked the contributors for great contributions
- New site launched in September 2012: Collaboration Today. Curated news with RSS feeds and a Twitter feed with >1,000 followers
- continues to be a valuable resource. 30 snippets over the last 6 months
- IBM Connect: several OpenNTF members gave sessions. The OpenNTF sessions on apps had high attendance
- IBM Connect: unfortunately no vendor passes for OpenNTF members to man the booth
- Non-profil status (501c6/501c4): still no official IRS status on non-profit. Initial submission was rejected
- Open source for IBM Connections is important to provide open source for more than just Notes/Domino
- 32 member companies

4) Technical Committee Working Group Report: Niklas Heidloff
- 5th XPages contest just ended. IBM Connections contest still running
- 145 contributions from 119 contributors during those 5 contests. More than 50 first-time contributors
- Deadline for IBM Connections contest extended because of availability of new SmartCloud Connections instance
- Webinars: 2 webinars so far. 3rd webinar coming up next week. OpenNTF wants to be more than just open source but also help the app dev community
- Project and snippets download numbers are still high. 200,000 downloads last year
- UI:, and do not have the same UI. OpenNTF UI has been cleaned up. Google search is now used for site search.
- Oval Business Solutions has offered to redesign the site at a low cost. OpenNTF is talking with Oval Business Solutions on how to do this

5) Strategy and Marketing Working Group Report
- John Head was unable to participate. Strategy and marketing working group report will be provided later

6) IP Working Group Report: Peter Tanner
- Catalog: projects are now marked as cleared or not
- Changes to the project download page: the download page now clearly shows the license for that particular download
- 640 contributors covered by independent or corporate license agreement.
- 2 large corporate license agreements: IBM and GBS, with 385 contributors

7) Financial Report: Corey Davis
- Cash on hand: $23K. $10K set aside for Appathon contest
- Currently no accounts payable and no accounts receivable
- Only one advertiser that continues to advertise.
- OpenNTF needs advertisers

8) Elections for the board: Bruce Elgort and Peter Tanner
- Bruce Elgort retires as chairman this term
- Directors: member directors and contributor directors
- Bruce would like to work with the new chairman before Bruce retires.

8) Open Discussion
- Nathan Freeman: as a developer the implementation of the process is frustrating and time consuming. It takes 14 steps to make a new build that the IP Manager can review. Nathan has ideas on how to streamline the process. A simpler process is needed. It takes time to build the zip file with all the necessary contests such as licensing and notice files. The OpenNTF site could handle that automatically. Nathan would like to help build a tool that does the work for the developer
- Nathan Freeman: the board does a great job - especially with the contests
- Fredrik Malmborg: new company member and Fredrik looks forward to help more
- Sean Cull: more people use source control and offer source code on Github. What are the views on how OpenNTF will work in the future? Comments from Per, Niklas and Peter: OpenNTF can add value by making it possible to download the binary release, offer the IP model of release clearance etc. OpenNTF also makes it easy to find related projects and acts as a landing page (which is difficult on Github).

9) Adjourn meeting

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