As was recently announced, Bootstrap is now part of the OpenNTF XPages Extension Library, added in release 10. The ExtLib includes a new plugin that contains Bootstrap 3.2.0, providing new renderers for the XPage core controls, the ExtLib controls, and two new Bootstrap themes.  An added benefit of supporting Bootstrap is that the ExtLib now includes jQuery 2.1.1, giving XPages developers the power to use jQuery in their apps as well.

As most XPages developers know, Responsive Web Design has become an essential part of the web development world. Not only does it allow developers to build an app which delivers an appropriate form factor for everything from a desktop browser to tablet to smartphone, but it also delivers a more modern looking UI. Bootstrap is one of the most popular responsive frameworks and there has been a lot of blogging about how to use it in XPages applications in recent times.

In 2013, the Bootstrap4XPages project was released on OpenNTF, allowing XPages developers to create Responsive applications by installing a Bootstrap library. But now that Bootstrap is part of the XPages ExtLib, it is easier than ever to use Bootstrap in XPages. So, go get the latest version of the XPages Extension Library (v901_00_10) and get responsive!

To get you going, Brian Gleeson from the XPages team in IBM has created this video about making your XPages apps responsive:

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