Now as the new OpenNTF Board Directors are elected it's time to thank the people who are not on the board but also working for OpenNTF and the community. As I am responsible for another offer from OpenNTF - - I'd like to thank the people that are actively curating content every day and for a long time now, namely John Oldenburger and Kenio Carvalho. Both are also running own blogs that are worth a visit. In addition I'd like to encourage you, the readers and followers of CollaborationToday, to be an active part of our community by creating and/or sharing content you find useful in your daily business and from that you think it might be useful for others as well. The topics are wide but should at least touch one or more of the following topics:

  • everything IBM software related (ESS, Information Management, Websphere)
  • everything IBM technology related (Bluemix, Cloud)
  • administration of collaboration infrastructures (IBM Domino, Connections, Hardware)
  • development for and with IBM software (web, client, rich, 3rd party)
  • workarounds, tipps and tricks

If you created content or found something useful - please let us know.
If you like to curate content on - please drop me a note ( It's very easy and takes only a few minutes a day.

We are happy to have you among us!

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