Thomas Steinheber and Jonathan Booth have published a new project, called RSS Sample for IBM Digital Data Connector in WebSphere Portal. See below for their description and check out the screenshots.

"Starting with Version CF11 IBM WebSphere Portal includes the Digital Data Connector framework. It introduces the pattern of using IBM Web Content Manager design components to render data from arbitrary sources such as Atom feeds and RSS feeds.

This sample builds on top of this pattern to show the ease of integration of RSS feeds without the need for writing code. As a consequence, designers can focus on styling the remote content and create a visually appealing experience of seemlessly integrated remote data.

For details on the IBM Digital Data Connector, please visit the IBM Digital Data Connector Documentation to familiarize with the technical concepts used in this sample. The integration capabilities that DDC provides are very flexibile and implementors can have full control on how data sources are accessed.

This RSS sample uses the generic XML Digital Data Connector Plug-In to render RSS Feeds which are served as XML without writing Java code.

For questions, feedback and comments on the IBM Digital Data Connector, please visit our Digital Data Connector Community on DeveloperWorks."


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