Itay Cohen, Boaz Mizrachi, Yaniv Agam and Asher Chen have contributed a new project, called Resource Agenda Presenter. Here is their description:

"The RAP application is a system which works in collaboration with the Rooms & Resources application and supplies an on-line rooms/resource agenda on displays located next to the room/resource and includes the time of event, event owner and event subject (can be disabled). The system is an HTML based and therefore supports any OS using any internet browser. In addition, the RAP system includes the following features:

- Sending instant messages to each resource display individually
- Dynamically create multi resources view on a single display (1,2,3 or 4)
- Sending an agenda for a specific event to each resource display individually"

Read the documentation for details. The screenshots below show a sample display showing the agenda for two rooms.



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