Shankar Venkatachalam has contributed a project to OpenNTF, called Automated Dead Mail Deletion App.

"This application helps IBM Domino administrators in clearing/purging the dead emails from one or more domino servers of their organisation automatically.

Design Algorithm:
1) The application server first read it's configuration document, and take a connection to that server.
2) The application also reads the configuration document to understand, how many are available on the server. The application would work on all the , that were mentioned on the configuration document
3) It then connects to the configured servers, and open the , and read for the emails, which has the field value RoutingStatus=Dead. If a message on the has that field , then it considers that as a Dead Message, and take a copy of that message, before deleting it from the server.
4) The collected dead mails on all the servers, are available on the view “Purged Dead Mails”
5) The collected dead mails can be deleted periodically, or if administrator thinks that the dead mail is needed , he can move it back to the server."

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